Statement of Complaint 4-7-04

Dormont Borough Police Department ORI: PA0020800

Incident Investigation Report: 20040407M9152(D)


Class: UCR Code: 3152 Harassment by Comm. - Report Only Complete

Date / Time Reported: 04/07/2004 Wednesday 20:30

Time - Received: 20:30 / Dispatched: 20:30 / Arrived: 20:36 / Cleared: 20:45

Location: 3055 West Liberty Ave - Dormont

Patrol Zone 10 Grid: 01- VIA Dispatch

Premise Type: Undefined

Badge: 405 - Sgt ***

MO: Weapon / Tools: undefined


Number of Victims: 0 Number of Offenders: 0 Persons Involved: 2

Contact: *** (002851)

Complaint: Dorn, David Paul (000012)

Case Status: Closed / Cleared

Case Disposition: Exceptional


04/07/2004 21:19 Page 1 Ofc. 405

Sgt. *** was dispatched to the West Liberty Animal Hospital, 3055 West Liberty Avenue, on a Harassment by Communication report. Dr. David Dorn reports that he began treating a dog owned by *** approx. 1 month ago. He had planned to do surgery on the dog but was unable to proceed due to complications with platelets in the dog's blood. On this date at approx. 19:45 hrs, Dr. Dorn received a message on his answering machine from *** that said, "... If my dog doesn't make it, I'm going to come after you with everything I've got." Dr. Dorn was not sure what Ms. *** meant but feared that this was a veiled threat to his or his family's safety.

He stated he did not wish to pursue charges but wanted Ms. *** contacted and warned not to return to the Animal Hospital or to call there again. At 21:15 hrs, Sgt. *** made contact with *** and relayed the warnings. Ms. *** stated she understood but stated that her intent was to go after Dr. Dorn legally. Sgt. *** then instructed her to go through an attorney or the magistrate but not to have no direct contact with Dr. Dorn. She Agreed. No further action necessary at this time.

Civil Complaint

Mag. Dist. No: 05-2-19 DJ Name: Blaise P. Laratonda

Docket No: CV-0000230-04

Date Filed: 7-12-04

Plaintiff: ***

Defendant: David P. Dorn

Civil Action Hearing Notice 8/17/04 9:00 am

Notice of Intent to Defend 08/24/04 8:30 am

Notice of Continuance 8/24/04 8:30 am requested by: Polochak, Atty. Jake

Notice of Judgment / Transcript Civil Case 8/26/04

Judgment: For Defendant

Judgment was entered for: Dorn, David P

Judgment was entered against: ***

(Without a expert I was not allowed to present my case. Judgment was against me with predjudice.)

Case Number: GD-06-008966 Filing Date: 04/13/2006

Case Type: Contract Court Type: General Docket

Current Status: Writ Expired - Placed in file

Plaintiff: ***

Defendant: David Dorn / West Liberty Animal Hospital

Plaintiff's Attorney: Molly Maguire Gaussa

Docket Entries:

04/13/2006 Praecipe for Writ of Summons Returnable 05/13/06

05/23/2006 Writ Expired - Placed in File

Allegheny Cty. Prothonotary Court of Common Pleas Civil Division

Praecipe for Rule to File a Complaint 10-24-2006

Filed on behalf of: West Liberty Animal Hospital; Dr. David Dorn, Defendants.

Case Number: GD-06-8966

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