These are the records I received from West Liberty Animal Hospital. I am unsure if these are the complete records. The x's you see were not made by me the only writing is from the staff and or doctors at West Liberty Animal Hospital. It is stated that Rajah's surgery was cancelled due to developing petechiae. Thrombocytopenia on presurg blood work possibly due to vaccine. Observe closely for bleeding, I was told to observe her gums for red spots and come back in one week for more blood work. On 4/2/04 it is noted that I called concerned about Rajah and was told it was her system getting out the anesthesia, I stated that her gums looked better because I did not see any red spots or was told to look for any other symptoms verbally or written. On 4/1/04 it states a possibility of thrombocytopenia due to vaccine. On 4/3/04 disc w/o (discussed with owner) at discharge vaccine related thrombocytopenia, I was not told the cause of Rajahs low red blood count. Rajah was admitted to Met Vet on 4/2/04 with a less than 50% chance of surviving, she received her first blood transfusion not 4/3/04. When asked if Rajahs information could be given to Dr. Dorn my answer was NO!



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