The cyctotomy was cancelled after Rajah was prepped and given anesthesia, it was determined her red blood count was low. I was to pick her up at 2:30 pm that day.
It is stated that a pre surgical exam / screen was ordered. There is no mention of a life threatening condition on her discharge instructions. Bringing her back in one week for more blood work did not indicate she was seriously ill.

04/01/04 Patient Rajah

Description Of Charges

Pre Surgical Screen

Heartguard Plus Chew 0-25 lb / 6 pk

Cephalexin 250 mg capsules 1 capsule orally twice daily for 14 days

General anesthesia - sevoflurane

Penicillin / Glycopyrolate

Post Surgical Discharge Instructions For Home Care

No food should be given this evening. Small amounts of water may be offered every few hours starting around 8:00 pm this evening. You may return to normal food and water tomorrow morning.

If a prescription is sent home. Give the first dose tonight and continue until the medication is completed, or as otherwise directed by the doctor.

Please call this office if you have any problems or questions. In case of emergency you may call 412-492-9855 (Veterinary Emergency Clinic) or 412-325-1881 (Allegheny Vet Emergency Service)

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