At her check up on March 15, 2004, I informed Dr. Dorn that there was blood in Rajahs urine, after an x-ray she was diagnosed as having bladder stones. She was also updated on her vaccinations. On April 1, 2004, I took my Rajah to West Liberty Animal Hospital for a procedure (cystotomy) to surgically remove the bladder stones. Later in the day I received a phone call from them, they could not operate because Rajahs red blood count was low. She had been prepped and given anesthesia before the procedure was cancelled, I had to wait until 2:30 pm to pick Rajah up and bring her home. At which time I met with Dr. Dorn who told me not to worry unless it was caused by the vaccination, but that was rare. The bruising on her belly (petechiae) was explained as blood cells acting as a bandage effect. I took Rajah home thinking nothing was seriously wrong with her.

The following day April 2, 2004, I called the West Liberty Animal Hospital and expressed concern about Rajahs behavior. "It was the anesthesia working its way out of her system," I was told. Rajah collapsed, just hours after I had talked to the staff member at West Liberty Animal Hospital, and was taken to Met Vet where she was given a less than 50% chance of surviving, her platelets were 9. I retrieved Rajahs records from the West Liberty Animal Hospital, her platelets were 18 when she was released to me, and it was on her chart thrombocytopenia due to vaccination.

After four months, three blood transfusions, hospitalization off and on and so many medications, Rajah died at home in my arms July 5, 2004. As stated to me by the Doctor at Met Vet, it was borrowed time.

The magistrate would not hear me, as I am not an expert. Met Vet gave me the run around, when I asked for Rajah's records. And the lawyer I retained, that is another story. All I wanted was a simple explanation followed by an apology. After all, she was not just a dog; she was my heart, my soul, my everything.

There is emptiness that echos,

from the time I wake till in my bed I slumber.

It is as if she is lost and death never took her.

I love you Rajah

Till we met again soon


This letter is addressed to the following people:

David Dorn, the Staff at West Liberty Animal Hospital, Molly Maguire Gaussa, Blaise Larotonda

The staff at West Liberty Animal Hospital, I hold you responsible for aiding David Dorn in the negligent care my dog Rajah received on April 1, 2004. A complete blood count was ordered prior to the procedure Rajah was to have had done. If someone did their job correctly, Rajah would be at my side today.

And to David Dorn, shame on you for what you did to Rajah. First and most important she should not have received any vaccinations, as she was ill. You, being the DOCTOR should have known this. Then you hand me a dying dog, WHY? if you did not have the time or the facility to continue her care you should have informed me, I would have taken her elsewhere. Do you not read bloodwork results such as the CBC that was performed. What kind of person are you. Since there is no justice in our judicial system, may there be justice from a higher power.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. I know what you did and anyone with common sense that reads Rajahs test results will come to the same conclusion.

David Dorn is among many so-called veterinarians that kill our beloved pets and for the most part, there are no laws to punish these individuals. These so-called vets never apologize, through arrogance they continue with their practice thinking nothing of what they have done. 

I was not granted the opportunity to plea my case in front of Blaise Larotonda the District Magistrate in my area. I am not an expert which is needed as this is considered a malpractice case. If Blaise had allowed me to inform him of the situation, he may have figured out the negligence that was performed by Dorn. As I stated before COMMON SENSE.

Then I hire a so-called lawyer. Molly, you screwed up big time. I do not know what you thought when you repeatedly misrepresented me. You have absolutely no knowledge of our legal system. And to think you teach a legal course. It gives new meaning to the saying those who can do, those who cannot teach.

On July 5, 2004 at 2 am, my most beloved Rajah died in my arms. I consider the above-mentioned contributors to her death. You stole my joy, my soul. Not a day goes by where I do not think of what you people have done to Rajah.

It was a holiday Met Vet could not allow me to bring my baby?s body to them. I carried her upstairs and for the last time placed her in my bed, holding her in my arms I feel asleep waiting for Met Vet to call.

The people at Met Vet cared for my Rajah for 4 months, trying everything they could to make her well the doctor that treated her not only took care of Rajah, he showed concern and compassion towards me. The technician on duty was fighting back tears as I handed Rajah's body to her. I thank Met Vet for everything they did.

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