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This complaint was filed April 7, 2004


Date: September 15, 2006

RE: Your complaint against David P Dorn V.M.D.  

File No.: 04-57-03785


The Prosecution Division Of The Bureau Of Professional And Occupational Affairs, Leagal Office, on behalf of The State Board Of Veterinary Medicine, has completed its inquiry into the complaint that you filed against David P Dorn, V.M.D. After careful review of your complaint, we found insufficient evidence of a violation of the applicable licensing law. Accordingly, no action will be taken against Dr. Dorn, and the complaint has been closed. Your complaint was sent to one of the commonwealth's experts in small animal veterinary medicine. After extensive review of the veterinary records in this matter, that expert determined that Dr. Dorn did not deviate from the standards of acceptable and prevailing veterinary medical practice.  


Thank you for sharing your concerns with the state board of veterinary medicine. The information you provided will be kept on file and reference to it has been entered into an informational database so that it can be used to determine if there is a pattern of problems with individual physicians. Although the complaint is being closed, the information will be available for use in the future, if needed.



Clifford D. Swift Porsecuting Attorney  

Not agreeing with the decision Mr. Swift had made, I refiled the complaint. This time the decision was made within months not years. The following is the letter I recieved.


Date: May 14, 2007

RE: Complaint Against David P Dorn, V.M.D.

File No.: 06-57-09582


The Prosecution Division of the Department of State has completed its inquiry into the complaint you filed against Dr. David P Dorn. In your complaint, you alleged that Dr. Dorn failed to properly treat a dog named 'Rajah'. As you are aware, this is the second complaint you have filed filed concerning this matter. Following re-review of this matter, this office has again determined that the circumstances in this case do not permit formal prosecution. Consequently, the file in this matter is now closed.



Peter D. Kovach Prosecuting Attorney 



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